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Up here in the foothills, with all the fires that spark up around us, we never know when our house may be in danger. And there's some things you just can't change about that... its part of the cost of living in the mountain area.

But there are some things you can do to help lower the risk of your house going up in flames. Consider for instance, Hardi siding. Its a fiber cement product that is very fire resistant. Take a look at the photos below. These are of a meter panel that was struck by lightning, and look at the beating that siding stood up to. Thankfully it wasn't still the cedar shakes that had been on the house until the recent past!

Another thing we have to take into consideration up here in the mountains is the woodpeckers. Those birds, though they're not very large, pack a lot of destructive power! We've seen many a house riddled with holes, the woodpeckers packing the walls with acorns. Well, no more with Hardi siding! They'll have to keep looking for more hopeful prospects.

We also use HardiTrim, so you won't have woodpecker problems there either. There's not much point in putting on a superior siding, only to have wood trim that is susceptible to the acorn monsters and is warping and twisting with time.

Another very neat feature that we've done a lot of is HardiSoffit. You can get either the vented or solid panels. It really makes a nice eave to have it all sealed in nice and tight, and doesn't leave the opportunity for mud daubers or such like to build their homes on your house.

Another advantage is paint life. Compare what T1-11 looks like in a few years vs. Hardi, and there's a big difference. It just doesn't weather as bad as wood does.

Check out the James Hardi website for ideas. There's a lot we can do for your home to greatly improve your safety, and also reduce a lot of head-aches for you in the maintenance department.

So give us a call; we'll gladly come take a look at your house to discuss some options of what we can do to eliminate your problems and end up with a long-lasting product.

Cement board siding advantage
Cement board siding advantage
Cement board siding advantage
Cement board siding advantage